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Call us if creepy crawling insects have invaded your home or office

It's never any fun when you have insects everywhere. If you're fed

up with the insects in your home - call us. Carolina Exterminating Services will use all-natural products to remove the pest in your

home or office.

 •  Spiders

 •  Roaches

 •  Bees and wasps

 •  Fleas and ticks

 •  Bedbugs

 •  ants

 •  Earwigs

There may be more insects - a lot more

If you have a pest infestation - we'll handle it. Carolina Exterminating Services can handle all your pests problems. Don't worry about your pets - we use all natural products.

Bedbugs may live in

your mattress.

FREE estimates available - call now for your appointment

If you see one roach - there are probably many.

Fleas do not live on your dog - they live in your carpet and upholstery.

Some spiders can be harmful

to your pets.

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