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Having wildlife in your home or office is dangerous

Wildlife in your home can be scary - get immediate assistance from us. We'll remove any wildlife living in your home or office. We don't harm wildlife - we use humane methods for removal.

 •  Raccoons

 •  Opossums

 •  Skunks

 •  Bats

 •  Snakes

You need to remove wildlife from your property immediately

Wildlife living in your property can be dangerous for you and your pets. Remove the threat from your home or office; call Carolina Exterminating Services - for your wildlife removal.

Raccoons can attack you if they feel threatened.

Skunks spray a horrible

smell when they're scared,

so stay away.

Snakes can harm your pets and may even eat them depending on the size of the snake and your pet.

Keep your pets away from opossums.

Call us for a FREE estimate for your

pest control or wildlife removal

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