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Mosquitoes can be a real pain

Are you waking up with itchy mosquito bumps all over? Well they're not going away without a little help, so call Carolina Exterminating Services for mosquito control. There are several reasons want to remove mosquitoes immediately.

 •  They leave uncomfortable itchy bumps from their bite

 •  They can pass diseases to you and your pets

 •  They can multiply

Take care of your mosquito problem today

Mosquitoes can transmit harmful diseases to you and your pet. They also leave behind itchy bumps after they bite you. Get back to comfort and get rid of the mosquitoes in your home.

If you have bumps like these,

you may have mosquitoes

on your property.

Here's another picture of a mosquito.

Here's what mosquito bumps look like on pets.

This mosquito can bite you multiple times and cause you

great discomfort.

Call now - we'll take care of your mosquito

problem within 24 hours

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