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Do you have unwanted guests?

Rodents sometimes move into your attic or basement for shelter from cold winters. They'll feed on your water supply and leave droppings around your house. This can be harmful for you and your pets. Call Carolina Exterminating Services for fast and reliable service.

 •  Mice

 •  Rats

 •  Squirrels

Take care your rodent problem now before

it multiplies

If you see one rodent, you may have hundreds. Call us now for reliable exterminating services within 24 hours. Our trustworthy professionals we'll get rid of your rodent problems.

Mice can multiply into the hundreds within days.

Squirrels can carry rabies - they bite can be deadly.

If you see rat or mice

droppings, you may have an infestation problem.

Rats can feed on your water supply and harm you.

Call for fast and reliable service within 24 hours.

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